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Techo Building Fund NFT

It all started with a dream and a mission toward a just society without poverty in Latin America. This is TECHO’s mission. Latin America is the most unequal region on the planet, currently living a social crisis. At TECHO we work in informal settlements in 18 countries to address the problem of housing and community infrastructure. Over 657,000 lives have been changed and more than 1.4 million volunteers mobilized. Own 10 NFTs and get entered into a raffle to join a TECHO building trip in 2023.

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Techo Building Fund NFT - #000


There are 286 million people in Latin America suffering from extreme poverty, living without a roof over their head. Own this NFT to join the Techo Community and help us build as many homes as possible. Own 10 of these NFTs and join a raffle to win a building trip in 2023.


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